This page contains some projects I've been working on during the last years. You will find personal or collaborative projects but also specific orders that I realized as a freelance software architect. Since I have been working on many software projects that are copyrighted or that cannot be freely distributed you will find only a subset of my work here. For a more complete list, check also the about page.

iPhone / iPad

I'm working right now on a couple of projects for the iPad and the iPhone. This section will be updated as soon as they will be validated by the iTune store.

RunicSorcerer / PlexusGames

Currently, my main project is a 3D RTS game for iOS called RunicSorcerer.

For more informations check the PlexusGames web site here: www.plexusgames.com


CosmicPainter is a famous animation/painter program for Mac OS X that I designed in 2004. It has been described as a spirograph on steroids.

You can download it freely (including the complete source code) here: CosmicPainter.zip

Modul8 / GarageCube

Modul8 is a famous VJing application. I was one of the co-founder of the project and the lead engineer from 2002 to 2007 (V1.0 to V2.5).

For more informations check the GarageCube web site here: www.garagecube.com


I have been involved in all kind of Flash projects. These are two examples where I wrote the ActionScript part of the projects:

Videocraft: These is a Flash web site of a video production company: Videocraft

Jeux de la souris (TSR / Jeux d'Olivia): A game for young children to learn the mouse: Zozios/TSR


Miraton is a real-time audio software based on a concept of the artist Frederic Post that I wrote in 2003.

You can download freely the application and the code source here: Miraton.sit

Open Media Toolkit

The Open Media Toolkit is a C++ framework based on DirectX/OpenGL for Windows and MacOSX that I wrote during the nineties. It has been used by many companies (Atlantis by Disney, Barby the riding club by HumanCode for Mattel, some Hotweels 3D games, etc.) to build multimedia 2D/3D products. The code is a bit outdated now but you can still find some interesting algorithms here.

You can download freely the code source and samples here: OpenMediaToolkit.zip